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Alchemy - Al´che`my
 is the magical process of transforming something common to something special.

In metal clay, microscopic particles of metal are mixed with a moist organic binder to create a material that has the feel and working properties of modeling clay. Using simple tools, the clay can be given shape, texture and character. After air drying, the clay is heated in a kiln which fuses the metal particles and burns off the binder. The results are pure metal!

Southern Arizona Alchemist

Tucson Chapter of the PMC Guild

The Precious Metal Guild

We are the local chapter of the PMC Guild of Tucson, AZ- The Southern Arizona Alchemist. Our Guild includes metal clay artisans of all skill levels and we strive to encourage and educate our members and the general public. We welcome anyone interested in metal clay to join us at our monthly meetings to learn about this magical material.

Visit our artisan's websites through our link. Classes are available through the various instructors whom are members of our guild. 

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