Our mission is to encourage and inspire creativity, mentor one another, share skills, explore new techniques and materials, offer workshops and demos, and to promote our guild, our art, and metal clay to our community and beyond.

2017/18 OFFICERS

President:                      Dotty Woody      dottywiththebeads@yahoo.com

Vice President:              
Sharon Dial     sdial@mac.com

June LeClair        PMCTucson@gmail.com

Nancy Sanders   nacds55@aol.com

2017/18 Committees: (chairpersons have e-mail address links)

Courtesy / Membership Chair:     Sasha Case        aflorastudio@gmail.com
                                    Valerie Smith, Nancy Sanders, Bette Allen, Katie Robison, Laura Stafford

Challenge/ Demo  Chair:            
Tanya Lown   tanys.lown@gmail.com
                                            Bette Allen, Nancy Sanders,  Doris King, Kim Kirkpatrick

Community Chair: :       
Lynda Turrentine lturrentine@cox.net
                                      Sharon Dial,  Dotty Woody, Michelle Burchett,
Festivals Chair:          Carrie Barcom   carrie@asialaska.com
June LeClair, Dotty Woody, Amy Soldin, Sharon Hessoun, Diana Sammataro,
                                      Laura Stafford,  Cathy Flesher

Holiday Party Chair:             
Connie Bast       peyote1112.bast@gmail.com
  Ruth Bollerud, Linda Parker, Aevya Mesh

Valerie Smith smithsilver52@gmail.com 
Sasha Case, Nancy Sanders, Bette Allen, June LeClair

Workshop (SAA):
       Bette Allen   batya@batyajewelry.com
Ruth Bollerud, Marnie Ehlers, Tanya Lown, Connie Holbrook-Lebiecki

Webmaster:     June LeClair info@pmctucson.com
Facebook:     Aevya Mesh

Mailing Address:         SAA PMC Tucson, P.O. Box 64563, Tucson, AZ 85728

                             E-Mail:  PMCTucson@gmail.com

                             Facebook:  www.facebook.com/PmcTucson
SAA PMC Tucson, PO Box 64563, Tucson, AZ 85728  
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